Cyber Censorship Getting Ground In Asia

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan have for ages been labeled as „Enemies of the Web“ but internet-censorship is currently getting more prevalent in Central Asia. In the year 2012, there were a few waves of blocking of top information sites including Asia Plus, RIA Novosti, Lenta.ru, Fergananews.com, Centrasia.ru, as well as the British Broadcasting Corporation, along with […]


How-to reach PirateBay on Be Broadband

So yet another UK ISP joins the blockage of PirateBay was the situation with Virgin Media if you utilize the following key you are able to still access the PirateBay. Begin to see the key is the fact that Be Broadband can only prevent the PirateBay because they can “see” what site-you are opening. Don’t […]


How to Unblock the Pirate Bay inside the Netherlands

Ends up that The Netherlands would be the newest associates to affix places blocked of from accessing the Pirate Bay’s club. The judge in The Hague has obtained the ISPs to dam use of the Sailing Bay within 10 days of the judgment. Which means entry to the Sailing Bay will undoubtedly be cut of […]